Here a a few common questions I am asked about my cakes:

Q. What information do you need to make a booking or when obtaining a quote?
A. The most important pieces of information required are the following:

  • What is your budget - it is important for me to know the budget as each cakes varies in their level of detail and the time it takes to make the decorations. I will always provide you with quality work – but I will ensure that we can work it into a budget that suits you.


  • What are your theme ideas and colours - If you have any ideas of theme, such as character cakes or theme colours please provide me as much information as possible. Sometimes it is handy to look on the internet for inspiration. I can provide you with a design brief based on your ideas and we can work together to make the cake you really love


  • How many people does the cake need to serve - This is important since you may want something small but you also need to feed 80 people. In such instances we need to make the cake big enough to accommodate your guests. In some instances, an additional serving cake can be supplied that is not decorated but can be cut up and used as servings.


  • When is the event - Cake orders can be booked months in advance. It is best if you can give as much notice as possible as this will avoid any disappointment if a weekend is booked out. It is also important to know the event date for scheduling purposes as some cake decorations need to be started weeks in advance.


  • Where is the event - Cakes can be delivered and set up to the event location but a delivery charge is additional. It is recommended that complicated or large cakes are delivered by LL&C to ensure safe delivery and set up on the day


  • What flavours do you like - If you have more than one tier in your cake each tier can be a different flavour combination. Check out our Flavours page for more information on our tasting flavours and fillings!


Q. How long will it take to receive a quote?
A. As a general rule please allow 4 days to receive your quote for your cake. Quotations are done on a Monday and a Friday. It is optimal to complete bookings 2 weeks in advance of the event date.

Q. Do you provide consultations or tastings?
A. Cake tastings or consultations can be arranged by appointment only. There is a $50 fee for a tasting. This will be deducted from your order once a deposit has been made and your order is confirmed.

Q. Are there any nuts used in your cake making process?
A. Our products may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. If you will have guests at your event that have any  allergies such as nut, gluten and lactose allgeries, it is important that you notify LL&C at the time of ordering. Every step will be made to make your order as allergy-free as possible. It is also important that you notify your guests of this risk.

Q. Should my cake be refrigerated?
A. If your cake is made using elements that contain fondant or gumpaste then your cake should not be refrigerated. The humidity in the refrigerator will melt the fondant and your cake can be ruined. In instances of extremely hot days you can refrigerate your cake in a cardboard box (not a cake box lined with wax, but a proper cardboard box) as this will draw in the moisture from the fridge. However, it is important not to leave the cake in the fridge for too long. It is better to leave your cake in an air-conditioned environment at an optimal temperature of 24 degrees celsius.

Most of the fillings that are used can be left out for a few days without being refrigerated. If there are any instances where your filling is perishable LL&C will notify you of this and advise appropriate cake handling instructions.

 If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to contact me via:

 sharan@lovelaughtercake.com | twitter | facebook