About Sharan

Growing up I was always interested in anything to do with art. I loved being creative and letting my imagination run wild. Drawing was my first original love, but soon I realised that all things creative was truly a passion. When I left school I became interested in marketing and the creative possibilities this avenue offered me. Soon, I found myself leading a very busy life working in sales and marketing while also studying to complete a business degree in marketing.

Fast forward to November 2007 when my husband was sent to the USA for a work project. Here I was a woman used to a hectic schedule about to become a lady of leisure in another country! I soon became stir crazy and not long after we arrived I fell pregnant with our first child, Alyssa. It was Alyssa’s baby shower cake that started the craze of cake decorating for me. I made my first ever cake back in May 2008 and from that instant I was hooked. Since I didn’t need to have a ‘real’ job while living overseas I dove deep into my passion of creativity through cake. I found myself going to classes to learn more and reading as many books as possible to help me perfect my craft. Of course, I always enjoyed making cakes for people and seeing their faces when I would deliver them their creation!

So here we are 2012 and we have not long returned from the USA. I am passionate about being creative through cake and having a good time while doing it. I believe that every important occasion in life needs three things:

1. Love

2. Laughter

3. Cake!